He would like to allocate and distribute several kind of works to palletiza. Furthermore, he would like to establish a line with minimum remodeling when he think about addition in future.
What I. Tech Proposed
We propose long stroke and multipoint positioning devise to transport and distribute the work s from front-end process machinery to palletiza in post process.
With maintaining linier line layout, he could distribute various works from machinery to each designated palletize automatically.
He could establish automation line without dramatic change or remodel of existing equipment and layout. In addition, it is not necessary for him to remodel his existing eqipment when new works are added in future.

He would like to reduce the load of worker by means of automatically transportation between machines and, simultaneously increase the productivity by getting rid of works in process
What I. Tech Proposed
We proposed an automatic work transportation system as follows;
Rinse the work preprocessed at broaching machine
Put the side of rinsed work and transport the work to the machine located in opposite
He could get rid of work in process and remove dents successfully. It improve both of productivity and quality.;
Load for worker is completely settled down because of automatic transportation.
Automation is realized without changing layout and without blocking the passage

He would like to prevent from oil leaking occurred at transportation of works after processed and at the same time, we would like to install the automation system with minimum change in its layout.
What I. Tech Proposed
We proposed transportation system to carry works from front-end process (gear preparation) to next process by return.
Productivity increased almost 10% by installing 3D conveyor.
preliminary loading place was not necessary any more and it turned to free space. In addition, oil leaking pollution has solved.
He could reduce labor cost because workers only for transportation were not necessary any more.