We develops new technology and new products by making use of creativity of our staffs and produce the highest quality of “ease” and contribute to the society.

■We are professional who create “ease”
■We are professional who produce high quality and easy handling products
■We are professional who respects “Team work”
■We have to be sound in body and health as professional.
■We contribute to society as professional.

Our purpose is to create high quality and good usability products. We put our quality management into effect according to the following policy
1、We are based on quality first and produce high quality service to obtain credibility and satisfaction of out customer.
2 We prepare for our own standard and procedures and methods of operation and keep improve the affectivity of our quality management to apply customer's requirements .
3 We promote our quality management to achieve our policy by set the goals for each section . In addition, we regularly review such goals and improve upon necessary.

I TECH , as automation and labor saving device manufacturer, use our cutting edge technology to produce our products in consideration of human and environment (senergy saving, power saving and resource saving) and reduct of emvironmental impact. We will contribute to the society which is for human and the earth.