New gneration material handling system succeed to SM-25H. Move by one motor and multipoint stop at any designated point and slow start and soft stop is possible.
Carrier speed is MAX 2m/sec. You can design high speed handling system.
High speed and multipoint transportation of work is made possible by a servo motor only.
Maximum transportation capacity is 5kg and capable for any type of works.

Three dimension moving P&P (Pick & Place) system with free layout. Catch the work solidly and moved by air using piston and carrier to transport in three dimension. Shuttle mover is using its original curve technology which make three dimensional curve possible.
Combinations of straight lines and curved lines make any layouts possible!
Shuttle mover realize a flexible three dimensional transportation which meets conditions and working
You do not need to worry about flaw incurred by crash of each work nor any trouble regarding
transportation because of P&P (Pick and Place) system which transport the work alignment.
Because of simple composing with O rings at each junctions, it is very easy to assemble and does
not occur any air leaking
Connect between manufacturing process.

3D Conveyor is the system which make three dimensional material handling possible.
Each unit which Length are140mm are combined up and dawn and right and left. You can arrange
the equipment to all directions.
Only one motor arrange three dimensional transportation and improve working performance
Each unit is independent and modularized and easily rearranged. You can rearrange the conveyor
when you change the factory layout.
Because of its simple structure, it is durable and low cost and short lead time.
Connect between manufacturing process.