One of our three pillars are design and production special purpose equipments and facility. Almost 100 years ago, we were born as "Imai Tekkousho" and had been engaged in production of fire pump and tail and rudder of airplane. In 1963, we have started our production of special purpose equipments and have accumulated our achievements for Factory automation, labor saving as an industrial equipments specialists.
We are "Specialty Engineering " Company who can produce all manufacturing process from design to maintenance by our own technology and equipments and contribute to enhance the factory performance and optimization of your company.

Drilling machines, grinding machines and any other variety of special purpose metal work Equipments
Automation and Labor saving equipments designed according to customer's requirement.
Material handling system designed according to the factory layout of the customer
High performance cleaning device by using water, air and solvent in accordance with each purpose such as removal of oil and contamination.
Measurement Equipments such as leak tester , image testing device , durability, insulation , electric resistance and dimensional measurement .
Burr remover for removal of burr generated in manufacturing process by means of electrolysis, brush and files
Combination of some of above machines, special support and sanitary hygienic machines such as medical and foods

■Metal Work ■Material Handling ■Measure / Inspection ■Assembly ■Cleaning Device ■Burr remover>>Please Contact us for detail